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Nursing is the branch of medicine that focuses on care of individuals, families, and communities. Nursing is a noble

profession and Nursing Graduates are much sought after the World over. Nursing graduates are in great demand in Health

Care Sectors in all Countries. Indian Nurses have always had a pride of place among the recruiters world over because of

our cultural background that stresses on sacrifice and reaching out to the other. The graduate study program prepares the

students with complete understanding required for the practice of Nursing. Nursing course is now in great demand from

female as well as male candidates.

While there are many shared tasks, these nursing professions require special skills and different levels of patient

interactions. The requirement for qualified and skilled nurses is increasing throughout the world. Nowadays the corporate

are also stepping into this sector, which further makes this career an exciting option. It has been estimated that the

demand for nurses will increase up to 6 lakh in the near future, to develop the existing ratio of nurse-patient which is

extremely low and disappointing at present. The employment opportunities in this profession are available in
1. Private and government hospitals
2. Industries
3. Orphanages
4. Nursing homes
5. Old age homes
6. Sanatoriums
7. The armed forces

Indian Red Cross Society, State Nursing Councils, Indian Nursing Council and various other nursing institutions are few

other employment areas where one can find jobs.

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