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Bangladesh is a country in South Asia located along the Bay of Bengal. It shares borders with India and Myanmar and is separated from Nepal and Bhutan by the narrow Siliguri Corridor. Bangladesh is a Muslim country with Hindu, Buddhist, and Christian influences. Study in Bangladesh and you'll find its dynamic history and shape-shifting makes it a fascinating place to study abroad.

There are many reasons to study in Bangladesh. Since independence from Pakistan in 1971, Bangladesh has developed into a significant country in its own right, and Bangladeshi culture and art have had a big impact on the evolution of culture in South Asia as a whole. Bangladesh itself is inspired by other nations, with the influence of India and Nepal evident in its  cuisine, art, language and festivals. 

Bangladesh is also famous for its climate, with mild winters and warm tropical summers culminating in a famous monsoon season. In terms of student life, one of the best-known universities in Bangladesh is the University of Daka. 

Established in 1921, the University of Dhaka holds the distinction of being the oldest university in Bangladesh, and boasts a list of famous alumni including Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammed Yunus and the first Bangladeshi president, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. More than 10 former presidents and multiple prime ministers also studied there. 


Why Bangladesh 

  • Affordable Fee Structure
  • International Recognition of the MBBS Degree
  • Entrance Exam is Not Mandatory: Indian students who have got 60% or more or earned a GPA score 7 and above in class X and XII need not have to sit for entrance exams to get admission in many of the Bangladeshi universities. Eligibility criteria necessitate Biology being one of the subjects in HS and the student must get 60% marks in it.
  • Common Medium of Communication: The text books are written in English and the medium of study includes 3 of the most understood languages in India- English, Hindi and Bengali.
  • Regular Course Duration: Bangladeshi universities follow a 5+1 course duration scheme which is similar to that followed in India.
  • Successful Students Can Practice as Doctors in India, US, UK and Australia
  • Good and Affordable Mediums of Communication Between India and Bangladesh: Bangladesh is well-connected with India via buses/trains/aeroplanes. Students and their family members can avail the benefits of boarding affordable mediums of transport to move between the 2 countries as and when required.
  • Good Accommodation Facilities: Most of the medical colleges in Bangladesh have hostels for outstation and foreign students. The hostels have good facilities for food and lodging. This is a great benefit for the Indian students.
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