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A newly industrialized country and emerging market in Asia, the Philippines has welcomed an increasing number of international students in recent years, and is also a popular tourist destination – not surprising when you look at those tropical, sunny beaches. However, the Philippines has more to offer than an attractive coastline; those who study in the Philippines will be able to explore its fascinating mix of Islamic, Malay, Spanish and American influences on Filipino culture.

Quick Facts

  • Capital  : City of Manila
  • Land Area : 300,780 square kilometers
  • Population  : 96 Million 
  • Average temperature : 25 degrees C
  • Average humidity  : 77%
  • Currency  : Philippines Peso (~1.37 Rupees)
  • Government  : Democratic Republic
  • Religion  : Predominantly Catholic. Muslim and Buddhist 

Why Philippines ?  

  • Philippines Medical Universities are the world's most affordable and having lowest tuition fee structure.
  • American Style PBL Curriculum.
  • Philippines follow the American education system; the medium of teaching is English
  • Philippines has more than 93% literacy rate.
  • No Donations
  • Philippines is the largest English – Speaking country in Asia and third largest English-speaking country in the World. English is used as a medium of instruction in higher education and that’s why Filipinos are considered as one of the most competent English speakers.
  • The Philippines is known for its highest standard of education, high – caliber education institutions.
  • The culture is much easy to adopt with. People are more hospitable and the environment is more open and less hostile.
  • Philippines is female dominated country and it is most safe place for girl students.
  • Similar Climate as in India. Temperature remains by and large between 28 to 32 Degree Celsius through out the Year.
  • Universities are IMED/ ECFMG /WHO Approved.
  • The MD Course in Medicine from Philippines is recognized by Medical Council of India as equivalent to MBBS in India
  • An MD holder from Philippines apart from practicing in India has the opportunity to continue his/her higher education and medical practice in USA/India.
  • 1 out of every 10 graduates practicing in America is a medical graduate from Philippines.
  • Modern teaching facilities.
  • Tropical Climate Similar to that of India
  • Indian food available

Academic Year

Schools in the Philippines usually use the semester system. The first semester begins in June and runs through October. The second semester begins in November and runs through April. Both semesters include one week of exams after classes have ended.

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