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    About Tajikistan

         Tajikistan is located in Central Asia, surrounded by China, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan on 4 sides. It is officially called as the Republic of Tajikistan. The capital of Tajikistan is Dushanbe. Tajikistan was formed as a separate country in 1991 after the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the economic growth started well after 1997. The form of government in Tajikistan is Unitary dominant party presidential constitutional republic and the country is headed by the president and the prime minister. The people of Tajikistan are called as the ‘Tajiks’ and the language is also called as ‘Tajik’ which is a dialect of the Persian language. Russian language is used as an inter-ethnic language.

    Quick facts

    • Capital                                            : Dushanbe
    • Currency                                        : Tajikistani somoni
    • Climate                                           : The climate of Tajikistan is sharply continental and changes with                                                                    altitude
    • Language                                       : Tajiki
    • Government                                   : Unitary State, Presidential System, Semi-Presidential System
    • Major cities                                    : Dushanbe, Khujand, Kulob
    • Indian restaurants                        :  Available     
    • Travel time                                      : 3 Hrs
    • International airport location        : Dushanbe International Airport
    • Course duration                              :  5 Years

    MBBS in Tajikistan

         MBBS admission in Tajikistan is very simple and hassle-free as there is no entrance tests like NEET, IELTS and TOEFL or capitation fees. Colleges in Tajikistan are approved by Medical Council of India (MCI), United Nations Organization for Educational, Social and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and World Health Organization (WHO). MBBS in Tajikistan offers medical education at an affordable fee structure and low cost of living. The medical colleges in Tajikistan have well-developed infrastructure and offers good career opportunities. MBBS in Tajikistan is globally recognized and they ensure to provide word class faculty and education at affordable costs. English is the medium of instruction which breaks the barriers of communication for international students.

    Advantages of study MBBS in Tajikistan

    • Excellent infrastructure with quality education
    • There is no requirement of clearing any entrance exam
    • The cost of living in Tajikistan is also affordable
    • The admission process is easy as well as very quick
    • The fee structure of top universities is also very affordable
    • The medium of study in English, which makes it easy for an international student
    • There is separate accommodation for boys and girls with full security
    • The faculties in colleges are highly skilled and experienced
    • No donation needs to be given during admission
    • The infrastructure of the country is world-class



               Year             Syllabus Description
      First Year

     Human Anatomy, Cytology, Embryology, General Histology, Cell 

     Biology, Biophysics, Basics of informative technologies, Introduction 

    to biochemistry    

     Second Year              

    Human Anatomy II, Systemic histology, Genetics in medicine,

    Biochemistry, Physiology I, Human Anatomy, Clinical Biochemistry, Physiology II, Clinical  Anatomy, General pathology, Immunology, Base Course of clinical skill/patient’s care,  Science, Systemic pathology I, Preventive medicine,   Microbiology I, Diagnostics of internal diseases I/Clinical examination of patients I, Bioethics and Legal bases of   medical practice 1. The bases of psychology 2. Medical terminology

      Third Year Diagnostics of internal diseases II/clinical examination of Patients II,               Microbiology II, Clinical pharmacology, Systemic Pathology II, General surgery, Radiology, First steps in research,  Selective 1. Introduction to  clinical  psychology 2. The history of medicine, General surgery II, Internal Diseases I, Clinical skills 1,  Public health, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Obstetrics Otorhinolaryngology, Selective 1. Medical rehabilitation 2. Physiotherapy                           
    Fourth Year

    Internal Diseases II, Surgery I, Gynecology, Dermatovenerology, Clinical skills II,  Traumatology, Selective 1.Clinical toxicology 2. Occupational, Surgery II , Neurology, Infectious diseases, Pediatrics I, Oncology, palliative care, Clinical skills III medical  practice (6 hrs. per day), Ophthalmology

      Fifth Year

    Internal medicine, Obstetrics –gynecology, Psychiatry, Pediatrics II, Scientific- research skills  1, Medical  parasitology, Selective 1. Endocrinology, 2. Vascular  surgery, Surgery III, Critical care  with Emergency medicine, Family medicine,  Forensic medicine, Tuberculosis,    Allergology- clinical  immunology, Scientific- research skills II,       

    Selective  1.Pediatric surgery, 2. Urology  

    Selective 1.Neurosurgery 2. The bases plastic surgery       


    Academic calendar

         MBBS in Tajikistan duration is a 5-year in total. Internships or residency can take another 1-3 years. But, if you wish to come back to India after graduating MBBS, then you can come and sit for the licensing exam (NEXT). Suffice to say, students would deem it pretty easy and once you pass the screening test, you can start your practice in India with an established medical degree.

    Major universities

     1.Avicenna Tajik State Medical University

                                  Tuition Fee
       SI NO                  YEAR          AMOUNT                  
          1           First Year          $4500
          2           Second Year                    $4500
          3           Third Year               $4500
          4             Fourth Year            $4500
          5             Fifth Year            $4500


    2.Tajik State Medical University

                                  Tuition Fee
       SI NO                  YEAR          AMOUNT                  
          1           First Year          $4000
          2           Second Year                    $4000
          3           Third Year               $4000
          4             Fourth Year            $4000
          5             Fifth Year            $4000


    3Tajik AbualiIbn Sino State Medical University


    •   The age needs to be 17 years on or before the 31st December of admission
    •   The student has to score at least 55% marks in + 2
    •   Should have cleared (10+2) with physics, Chemistry, Biology and English Subjects
    •   The candidates belong from SC/ ST/OBC categories need to score 40% – 45% in the above-mentioned subjects
    •   The student must have English as a compulsory language during his 12th standard
    •   The student must have cleared the NEET exam, which is conducted by NTA


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