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    About Bangladesh

    Bangladesh, officially the People's Republic of Bangladesh, is a country in South Asia. Bangladesh is well known for its lush green environment and several waterways.

    Quick Facts

    • Capital                                      : Dhaka
    • Currency                                  : Bangladeshi taka (1 Bangladeshi Taka equals 0.87 Indian Rupee)
    • Climate                                     : Bangladesh has a humid, warm climate influenced by pre-monsoon, monsoon and                                                                                                                                                                                                 post-monsoon circulations. 
    • Language                                  :Bengali and English.
    • Government                             : Republic, Parliamentary System, Unitary State.
    • Major cities                              : Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna.
    • Time Difference                       : Bangladesh is 30 minutes ahead of India.
    • Indian Restaurants                 : Available
    • Travel Time                               : 3 – 5 Hrs.
    • Course Duration                       : 5 Years
    • International Airport location  : Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport.



         MBBS in Bangladesh is a decent place to pursue MBBS for all medical students. Liquor and drugs are prohibited in Bangladesh. The medium of instruction is also English in Bangladesh. Cultural and eating habits are the same as India in Bangladesh. They celebrate most of the Indian festivals in Bangladesh; the student will not feel homesick. MBBS Bangladesh is similar to India, i.e. similar syllabus, similar books, similar study pattern, Duration of study, etc. Studying MBBS in Bangladesh is affordable education with a low cost of study and Global Affiliated, Accredited, and Recognised Universities. The hospitals are well equipped with great infrastructure and technology. The quality of infrastructure, education and accommodation is comparable to other developed countries.

    Advantages of study MBBS in Bangladesh

    •  Screening test/MCI/FMGE Coaching Assistance
    • USMLE Coaching Assistant
    • Indian Hostel
    • Practice In Hospital
    • Bangladeshi MBBS degree is recognized by WHO & UNESCO and is globally accepted
    • The admission process is very to take admission for MBBS in Bangladesh
    • The Bangladeshi hospitals are well equipped with great infrastructure and technology
    • To give practical knowledge they provide practical and experiments Bangladesh is a neighbor country of India, the travel time is very less
    • The fees of Bangladeshi medical universities are less than Indian private medical university
    • The education system of Bangladesh is similar to India Student does not require to appear for any entrance exam to take admission in Bangladesh, any NEET qualify student can take admission in Bangladesh
    • The living cost of MBBS in Bangladesh is very low Student does not require to appear language proficiency test i.e. IELTS or TOFEL to take admission in Bangladesh
    • There is no require to pay any donation or capitation fees to take admission Bangladesh
    • Students can Travel to Bangladesh in real quickly and with very cost effective ways
    • MBBS in Bangladesh is valid in India
    • MBBS degree from Bangladesh is substantial and adequate in India
    • The students are qualified for a significant test like the USMLE, PLAB, and screening assessment directed by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and become eligible to make up their professions anyplace across the world
    • The MBBS degree and other practitioner training got from a Bangladesh medical University are perceived by MCI. So this stands as an extra benefit for the understudies to examine MBBS in Bangladesh
    • MBBS in Bangladesh Duration With Internship
    • MBBS course term of 5 Years in Bangladesh, trailed by log book based rotatory internship for one year, is discretionary for global students. The students are given the most extreme consideration; thus, they have a sense of safety
    • The accommodation and the infrastructure are of top-notch and standard at low expense
    • An enormous number of skilled medical experts evolve from Bangladesh medical colleges


    Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry, Community Medicine, Forensic Medicine, Pharmacology & Therapeutics Pathology Microbiology, Medicine & Allied subjects, Surgery & Allied subjects, Obstetrics and Gynecology.

    Academic Calendar

    The course duration in Bangladesh for MBBS includes 5 years of course and 1 year of an internship program. The course and curriculum for 5 (five) academic years will be the same in all Bangladesh University. The MBBS course is divided into 4 (four) phases Phase1: The duration of first Phase is one and half years. The exam of first phase is First Professional MBBS. Phase2: The duration of second Phase is one year. The exam of second phase is Second Professional MBBS. Phase3: The duration of third Phase is one year. The exam of Third phase is Third Professional MBBS. Phase4: The duration of fourth Phase is one and half year. The exam of fourth phase is Final Professional MBBS.


    Bangladesh University of Professionals

                                  Tuition Fee
       SI NO                  YEAR          AMOUNT                  
          1           First Year          $2200
          2           Second Year                    $2200
          3           Third Year               $2200
          4             Fourth Year            $2200
          5             Fifth Year            $2200
          6             Sixth Year            $2200


    Gono Bishwabiddalay, Bangladesh

                                  Tuition Fee
       SI NO                  YEAR          AMOUNT                  
          1        Semester One          $2000
          2        Semester Two                  $1600
          3        Semester Three               $1600
          4          Semester Four            $1600
          5          Semester Five            $5500
          6         Semester Six            $2000
          7         Semester Seven            $2000
          8         Semester Eight             $2000
         9         Semester Nine             $2000
         10        Semester Ten             $1700


    Shah Jalal Uni. of Science & Technology, Sylhet

                            Tuition Fee
       SI NO                  YEAR          AMOUNT                  
          1           First Year            $6400
          2           Second Year                    $6400
          3           Third Year               $6400
          4             Fourth Year            $6400
          5             Fifth Year            $6400
          6             Sixth Year            $6400


    University of Chittagong

                                  Tuition Fee
       SI NO                  YEAR          AMOUNT                  
          1           First Year          $3400
          2           Second Year                    $3400
          3           Third Year               $3400
          4             Fourth Year            $3400
          5             Fifth Year            $3400
          6             Sixth Year            $3400


    University of Rajshahi

                                  Tuition Fee
       SI NO                  YEAR          AMOUNT                  
          1           First Year          $3500
          2           Second Year                    $3500
          3           Third Year               $3500
          4             Fourth Year            $3500
          5             Fifth Year            $3500
          6             Sixth Year            $3500


    University of Science & Technology, Chittagong

                                  Tuition Fee
        SI NO                  YEAR          AMOUNT                  
          1           First Year          $3400
          2           Second Year                    $3400
          3           Third Year               $3400
          4             Fourth Year            $3400
          5             Fifth Year            $3400
          6             Sixth Year            $3400



    • The age needs to be between 17 years and below 25 years before the date of admission.
    • The student has to score at least 60% marks in + 2.
    • Should have cleared (10+2) with physics, Chemistry, Biology and English Subjects.
    • The candidates belong from SC/ ST/OBC categories need to score 40% – 45% in the above-mentioned subjects.
    • Must have qualified NEET exam.

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